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We believe in hope, healing, empowerment, caring, and transformation.

Agape House helps men and women make positive changes in their lives and create healthier, happier, and more productive futures by supporting them in their recovery while they heal and grow.

Whether the issues are domestic violence, childhood abuse, depression, anxiety, loss of a loved one, substance abuse, anger management, parenting difficulties, low self-esteem, communication problems, or other life challenges, Agape House is there to help.

All Agape Homes are located in the coastal community of Costa Mesa, California right next to breathtaking Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Corona Del Mar Beaches. The Agape House is considered an extended care as well as a supervised and structured sober living or a recovery home for women only.  

Ours is a therapeutic community designed to address the specific needs of our men and women by certified and licensed staff with over 35 years experience in the field of chemical dependency and alcoholism. We also work with men and women dealing addiction to gambling, sex, SMA (self mutilation), eating disorders, shopping, addictive relationships, codependency, fear of abandonment, and co occurring mental health issues like depression, bi-polar, and anxiety disorders.

Agape House focuses on maintaining physical and emotional sobriety through the Twelve Steps and concentrates on issues such as shame, self-loathing, co-dependency, and poor self esteem. These and more are the root causes of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist men and women in achieving a higher quality of life; one that is richer, fuller, more productive, and alcohol and chemical free.


Agape House is designed for adult men and women who are chemically dependent and in need of a structured, supportive and safe environment. Within such a framework, our treatment programs focus on recovery, relapse prevention, and vocational counseling are the focus of treatment. These services will help the client reintegrate into the work force, their families and their communities.

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